I have a confession to make. For some, it may come as no surprise realizing that it’s all too obvious. For others it may be shocking. Needless to say, I find it necessary to expose this truth to you in hopes that I may help someone else. So with no further hesitations, here I go…

I Am Not A Writer! There! I said it! Why is this important or necessary you may ask? Well, before I answer that question let me give you a brief description of my background.

I am a college drop-out. I briefly went to school for nursing but after a semester I felt burnt out and did not want to study. I got a job as a daycare teacher and worked there for about two or three years. I left that field and joined Customer Service positions with reputable companies. It was at one of these jobs I met my husband. The Lord graciously blessed us with a home in New York but it came with a high price. We both found ourselves working double shifts or extra jobs just to make ends meet. With a growing family, the dream of being a stay-at-home mom was impossible but something I yearned. The idea of moving out of N.Y. began to fester.

In the year of 2006, that dream became a reality. On July 2nd of that year the Lord miraculously saved me (a story I may share in another post) and two days later we were on our way to our new home south of Atlanta, GA.  The dream of being a stay-at-home became my life but not without challenges. For a  short while, I went back into the work field but soon quit. In my efforts to bring supplemental income, I started a home-tutoring business, applied and worked for stay-at-home jobs and did some babysitting. So, why all this monologue of my life?

I share this with you for this very fact. I am just a wife and a mother of 4 (I say this with pride and much gratitude.) In view of an intellect, entrepreneur or popular groups in society, I am a bona-fide failure. I have no title to my name, (other than “Mommy” which I wouldn’t trade for the world!) no college degree, no formal experience, yet in the midst of all these negative attributes, the Lord has wondrously blessed me to accomplish things I never thought possible for His Kingdom.

In the past year or more, I have managed through the help of Christ to write tracts, plays, direct a choir and most recently build and manage a website for the church. I am currently in the process of learning how to use audio equipment to integrate old and current  sermons/songs to the website – all with limited experience and no formal training. And at this very moment, I am writing a blog! Please don’t misunderstand me – this is NOT to brag or a means to gain any praise – I. Am. Nothing. – ALL glory and praise belongs to God! My sole purpose is to show you that if God can use a nobody like me, He can surely use you!

There were many moments I’ve felt (and still do feel) disqualified for a certain task. Fear and discouragement gnaw at my heels. But I take great courage in the account of Moses when presented with the task to get God’s people out of Egypt. He too felt disqualified and fearful because he was slow of speech and tongue, but God reassured him and said,“Who hath made man’s mouth?…have not I the Lord? Now therefore go, and I will be with thy mouth, and teach thee what thou shalt say.” – Ex. 4:11-12.

Have fear or lack of experience paralyzed your progress? Maybe you feel you are not “smart” enough or don’t have much courage. Perhaps past efforts have gone unnoticed and you feel forgotten. Trust me, I can relate! But I want to encourage and prove to you that through Christ, all things (yes, even this!) are possible Matt: 19:26Do not focus on your short comings, you may find many. Instead look to Christ, the Author and Finisher of your faith. He views you as a vessel of honour…meet for the Master’s use.II Tim. 2:21. You are precious in His sight and He will work in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure – Phil 2:13So, no more excuses. Get Up. Go. Do. Because through Christ, you CAN!

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. – Phil 4:13

What about you? Have you been granted a task that seemed to overwhelm you? Please tell us about it! We would love to hear from you!