Do you recall the story of the child finding a robin’s egg? In his excitement, he gathered the egg in a towel to keep it warm. Then, every day after waking up, he’d checked to see if the egg hatched.

Cautioned by his mother to wait, she instructed him it would happen when it was ready. The child felt such a love for the egg. The growing possibility of having a little bird of his own was more than he could bear. He wearied of the wait.

One evening having reached the end of his endurance, he slipped into the washroom to take one more look, and low and behold, there was a crack in the egg. He heard light tapping, and the fledgling was breaking forth. Watching for what seemed like hours, he inched closer and attempted to help the bird eradicate itself from the confining structure. As he gently peeled the shell away, freeing the bird, his mother came in. The bird’s breathing was labored, and it did not move. Mom sided up close to the upset little boy but didn’t want to alarm the child. The mother softly explained the bird needed to break through the shell on its own so its muscles would get strong enough to live and fly. The child wept bitterly as the breathing grew shallow. He wanted only to help, but the bird died.

Life is a trial most of the time. Sometimes because of the Lord’s choosing and other times due to our unwise choices.

Reaping can bring on many challenges, not designed to break you but to enhance your strength.

The strength needed to believe in God and embrace His promises that He’d never allow more than we can bear. His grace is sufficient, and He so loved us that He sent His only begotten Son to die for our sins. It’s like the egg; we must successfully fight through each level of the situations, hardships, and misfortunes.

To shortcut or sidestep any hardships would only be to our harm. So to start, say, “I believe, but help my unbelief.” However, each will increase one’s faith because God will lead, guide, and even pick you up and carry you through when needed, but we must go through, clean through by His design. It’s called love!