“Lord, I asked you to work out the situation on the job, and you know the thing with the children. Oh Lord, I’ve been before you from time to time and still no answer. Lord, I know, You hear me, I know you can, so will you please, please, in Jesus’ name. Amen”

After your prerequisite to the Lord, you quickly add the needs of the world, the sick, and suffering. You wonder why, when, and how long.

If you’re not careful, one may start charging God foolishly or finding fault with His answer or lack of one.

Maybe, we’re looking at this all wrong. To get on the right track as followers of the Lamb, we go to God’s Word. The book of Daniel tells of a disobedient people. God allowed them and Israel’s king to be besieged. Nebuchadnezzar took not only vessels of the house of God; he wanted children with no blemish, well-favored, skillful in wisdom, cunning in knowledge, understanding science. Such could stand in the king’s palace and whom they might teach the learning and the tongue of the Chal-de’-ans.

Picture being taken from your home, family, and all you know. Then removed to a place that is so foreign, you can’t even communicate because of the language barrier, cultural and religious differences.

Several things are standing out in this account. The condition was out of their control. There was no protection from the people of this local kingdom, and they would be there for the rest of their lives. It’s safe to say this was not the lifestyle they’d been taught in God’s Book of Law with Moses.

In the book of Daniel, examining the third chapter, Han-a-ni’, Mi-sha-el, and Az-a-ri’-ah are principle players. It is evident most of the children of Israel, in captivity as these were, had compromised and were no longer faithful to God. They were blending into the fabric of the people’s practices around them.

As they did, you may find those in high places are offended by the favor that accompanies those living uprightly. They could find no fault of word or deed in the Hebrew boys. The three Hebrew boys adapted to all they were to learn and do; only the boys would not bow to any false gods. The rulers were angry because the king made Daniel a great man over the province of Bab’-y-lon, and they were like Daniel serving the one true God.

There is nothing wrong with asking God to deliver you out of an unpleasant situation, peril, or sickness. As long as we remember, if He does not, He is still God, yet to be praised, not because He spoke the world into existence, nor because there is nothing too hard for God, but because He is God. He knows just what we need when, and where.

The focus of the renamed Sha’-Drach, Me-shanch, and A-bed-ne-go is on their divine protection in the burning fiery furnace, which is praiseworthy. But we need to back up a few verses. It is essential to realize the faith they possessed. Not in the fact that God could divinely protect them in the furnace, but if He didn’t, God knows best. They went to the furnace. Compared, ours are light afflictions.

Some things we will have to endure, over and over, time and time again, and God is still God! We pray and no answer, we cry, we plead and nothing. The sun is still shining. The ocean again comes only so far. He’s God, worthy to be praised! Will you believe as the Hebrew boys did? Will your “But, if not” faith support you in praising God when nothing goes right? When no one seems to care or when you feel all on your own, He is God! God is All-seeing, All-knowing All in All. The praise in all the earth. His will in earth as it is in heaven. In our earth, He will be PRAISED!