Having a foundation that builds faith is needed to be encouraged indeed.
What a fantastic position you are in. During these cold and indifferent times to know that you know is a commodity few ever achieve.

When the daily life wears on you and troublesome times weigh you down remember the Red Sea and the Wall of Jericho. Pharaoh’s army in hot pursuit and the Red Sea before you. Picture yourself right in the middle.
Now you’re marching around that mighty city of Jericho without a sound.

Then here comes the evidence.

The Sea parted, and the Wall pushed down. The God who did that is the same God who saved you, keeps you and has given you ample reason to believe Him – the Evidence!
Who kept you?
Who provided for you?
Where does that song in the night hour come from?

When God redeemed us, we were restored to a right relationship with the Everlasting Father, the mighty God, the Prince of Peace. Having built on this foundation, we are like the blind man when questioned on his healing. He didn’t know who it was nor where He’d gone but what he knew for sure, “I was blind, and now I see!”

David, unfazed by the doubtful shouts of the Israelites ran to the battle. His evidence was the bear and the lion. His foundation was the assurance he’d proven as a shepherd and now conquered Goliath.

God hasn’t changed, His Power has not diminished. He is just the same today and forever more. So take courage, wax bold, you’re standing on the promises of God. State your cause and remember God’s track record. Has He ever failed you or cut you short, not been there when you needed Him?

Confirmation: He’s been there, He’ll be there for you and your Red Sea.