During a presentation, a respected and renowned author, counselor, and mentor stated, “The reason most people fail in relationships and excel with life goals and employment greatness, is because they forget whatever it took to get the prize will take that and much more of the same to keep and promote it.

As time passes,  the prize is dovetailed into its cubby in the schedule of your 24-hour day with its 36-hour list of “have-to-dos.” The treasure dims and gets relegated to a smaller time slot that they could not possibly maintain and nurture.

For those who have a real experience with God, you have had your own real live MIRACLE. It’s incredible the God who made heaven, and the earth took time for you, but He did.

Some things increase in value as they age and others decrease. Others decrease not because the worth has changed, but the prominent position and care have slackened.

Then all at once you look around and wonder how things got to the present deteriorated state? It’s puzzling to rectify or restore it.

Not long ago I lost some critical papers which had a time sensitive due date. I confessed to a co-worker my dilemma, and he asked: “Where did you lose them?” Surely, he was attempting to help, but if I knew where they were it would not be lost! He later offered, “Well, just go back to the last place you saw it for sure.”

During a message, the pastor related the emptiness the disciples, and the followers of Christ felt after His crucifixion. The horror of it all hazed the news of the long-awaited Messiah. Christ Himself gave them a charge to prepare them yet; they could not grasp it once the reality of His death settled. Weeping and distraught, Mary, whom Christ took such great care to deliver, came early in the morning to the last place she saw Jesus. Luke the 22nd chapter says she followed after Joseph witnessing where they laid Jesus in the tomb.

Oh, the further devastation getting to the tomb the stone rolled away and the tomb empty! In the dark, before morning Mary stood weeping. She saw the angels and heard what they said, but she knew Joseph laid Him there. That is just where she found Him. Then Jesus spoke her name, and she knew it was the Master!

Take the lead from Mary. He first called your name when? Where was the last time you moved God in obedience and prayer? In what situation did God flood your soul? How did you please God in selfless acts of kindness and love? At what time did you absolutely believe God’s way is best and followed rejoicing?

Go back there and seek Him just as you did then-

With your whole heart, mind and soul and He will be found!