While reading the account in Mark attesting to the cleansing of the leper, I tried to realize what the entire feeling may have been. Out of society, out of my home and life as we know it. Not sure when or where the next meal would come. Where would I be forced to seek shelter from the elements or lay my head at night?

Leprosy was a two fold disease, it disfigured ones body with the foul, decaying, physical uncleanness, it further rendered them ritually unclean. Only a priest could pronounce a person, dwelling, article or container clean.
Leprosy then is as frightening to most people as AIDS/HIV is today.

Leviticus 13 outlines the steps taken to define the disease and the actions taken following that detection. Leprosy was a death sentence.  The Old Testament supplies two instances where leprosy was cleansed,  Naaman, Captain of the host of the king of Syria (II Kings 5:1-5) and Miriam, Moses’ sister (Numbers 12:10-15).

Mark’s narration tells of Jesus getting up and out early to be alone to pray. His disciples came for Him and mentioned men were looking for Him. His answer was to go into the next towns…” That I  may preach there also: for therefore came I

Lepers were not allowed in walled cities,  this Leper saw Him, Jesus, he  knew Jesus’ lineage, he knew He was a healer who could heal if He would heal him. But nothing beyond that. The leper made sure he drew attention to himself. In compassion Jesus stopped, spoke and acted. After cleansing him, Jesus gave a specific charge, “See thou say nothing to any man: but go thy way, show thyself to the priest, and offer for thy cleaning those things which Moses commanded, for a testimony unto them.

…”But he went out and began to publish it much, and to blaze abroad… “

When younger I had diphtheria, that was before all the modern medicine were an option. The Doctor sent the health department to our home and quarantined our home until further notice.  A certain amount of shame was carried even after we were certified clean. But the relief was overwhelming. As I read what Jesus told him to do I didn’t see it as a real problem.

Later I mused, the man saw the healer but, he did not see the Cure, The King who came to release mankind from the bondage of sin.

Had he been obedient, the priest could have seen the probability of a cleansing of that kind  would only come from the hand of God! Searching the scriptures they could see the witness of leprosy cleansing both cases at the hand of God. If they would not acknowledge it, it would further condemn them.

Christ’s compassion healed the leper, but He came for a greater need. A person could have leprosy, die and go to heaven but not die with sin in their lives and go to heaven. God did not sent Jesus just to restore normal lives, but to give eternal life.

The world had spun out of control socially, economically and spiritually. It’s then and we now need a Savior. Our only hope was and is the Lamb of God, the Great Physician, the King of Kings, who in His pity heals us, but He came that we could go… on living  normal lives … and sin no more.

Respectfully submitted,
Lowly solider of the Cross