Our world is in a deplorable, irreparable and doomed state and people for the most part don’t really care. We are richer, smarter and in touch with remote parts of the earth with the flick of a wrist yet so detached from our human relations and in constant turmoil of the soul.

     These are the end times. But its hard to see the saints suffer so. I had to take a closer look at all this suffering. Some are being tested along several lines because GOD is waiting for unfailing obedience. We do pretty good over here but there are still  some areas that hasn’t gained His stamp of approval.

     In these days much help and prayer is needed. In my concern, I reread the book of Job thinking how Job suffered for over 40 years.  I assured myself God was trying Job. So I read it again. – Job 1:1, “There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was perfect, (definition of perfect: complete, faultless, excellent, of the highest quality) and upright, and feared God, and eschewed evil.”  This isn’t a description of a man God’s waiting to give the  “NOW I KNOW” approval. It goes on to say that while his children feasted, “Job rose early in the morning and offered burnt offerings…it may be that my sons sinned , and cursed God in their hearts. Thus did Job continually.” Job 1:5

Job 2:3 – “Hast thou considered My servant Job, there is none like him in the earth.…” THE STAMP!!!!!!!!

The enemy tried so much to get Job to change. Finally, the enemy said, “skin for skin.” Many had their breaking point long before then…“but save his life.” – Job 2:6

Now let’s analysis this for a moment:

God told the enemy not to kill Job. That’s his plan for all true followers of Christ. For each close call or unscheduled stop, God is there. Our dying means quick heaven for us, but there is a whole world dying.

     During the time of Job, he was the plumbline. Had the enemy killed him with all his, wealth, family, and substance, that would have been a limit to his fame.  But allowing the wicked one to torture him surpassed all the enemies devices against him and deemed him more favorable and profitable. His example will stand as long as the Bible lives.

     Jobs friends, (may I never have friends like that) surely they were not where they should have been. Not sure why but God knew.  Others can be used against us to display for them and the world where they really stand.

     You are not alone! You are not being tried to see if you will break.  Now, what we are doing is putting the Church where it can be seen, watched and  measured. This won’t last for ever, God hasn’t forgotten you. You are on the winning side. Who would tell you something like that? Will you listen to a force who does not know that pressure only polishes you like fine gold? Does he not  know the world, religious and other-wise are looking for the true People of God who will suffer with the Savior?  Radiance of their suffering draws people and lifts Him up.

   Just hold on and occupy til He come. The battles almost over. The enemy said you can’t make it, yes you can!  You are in the kingdom of Christ and He is yet the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Personally responsible for you. Your Intercessors stands at the right hand of the Father on your behalf.

So, Who are you going to listen to?