I wonder if others read the Bible and identify with individual lifestyles and or predicaments recorded there.

Let me pull a few from the archives, and maybe you will see a correlation and draw strength and encouragement from being in the right place at the right time.

Jesus was passing through Jericho. Zacchaeus, who was a rich and chief publican, sought to see Jesus. As the account recorded, he climbed in a tree. Jesus just so happened to look up at that time and called Zacchaeus and invited Himself to his house. Talk about the right place and time!

The Redeemer was nigh to the city called Nain. There was a whole crew with Him – His disciples, and much people. Nearing the gate just at the time, a widow was on her way to bury her only son. He stopped the bier and with His touched restored her son to her. The right time or what?

A list of phenomenal examples:

A wealthy young man came to The Master asking after eternal life. The right place to hear the truth.
Then there was the trip to the coast of Tyre and Sidon. A woman from the same coast came crying to Jesus because of her grievously vexed daughter.
You remember Jesus weeping over His friend Lazarus – the right place and right on time!
I could go on and on.
The woman at the well, the blind Bartimaeus, the lepers, a woman so broken she washed His feet with her tears. Right time, right place. Or was it?
Can all those places and times be the right time and place? They can when you include the God factor. For God so loved the world, that includes you. Wherever you are whatever you have or have not. He gave His Only Begotten Son, who was there in the beginning and was sacrificed to reconcile man back to the Father.

The Only God of Love. Only Divine Love can care enough about you right now to want to give you exactly what you need right here. Then nothing will be able to separate you from the Love of God right where you are – anytime anyplace.