When children are born, most parents go to great lengths to name their child names that no other child has or that are so odd no other child would want it. Mixing their native tongue with sounds, colors, symbols and directions, individuals change their names for many reasons. But in the cyberspace world, your name isn’t as important as YOUR PASSWORD!!

Passwords rule our lives for the most part. You need them for everything it seems. ATMs, computers, to order or cancel, school, the library, banking, bill paying, phones, tablets – the list is endless.
Then you must come up with frequent changes to protect your identity. Ruling it necessary to have lower and upper case letters, symbols, signs, and numbers. With all those precautions, still, hackers can get into personal information and company records.

When a person turns their lives over to God, the only password they will ever need is Jesus.

Salvation along with sanctification and growing in grace, we become heirs of God with Him, children of The King and precious saints of God. Our Father gives His name to set us apart from the world.

Unlike this computer control age, The Son’s multifarious name can never be compromised. We are secure and safe in the arms of The Father Who can access each and every promise – eternal life, His word (a lamp unto your feet and a light unto our path), provision and protection. His thoughts towards us are of peace and an expected end. When life seems to come crashing down and to overwhelm He will lead to a Rock that is higher than we are.

The Password ready to swing open Heaven gates is Jesus. There is no other name whereby men might be saved. Only Jesus, JESUS password in life and life eternal.