Contrary to public opinion everyone has a “Love Language.” Those who are dictatorial, brash, whimsical or sloven each has a language of love. They without a doubt ensuring their communication exhibits affection for others.

If this indeed is true, why are there so many people interacting and rarely feeling loved? We talk, write, text, FaceTime and call. Surely there is some common denominator that would relay the message of love.

You may think because one speaks Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali and Russian they are misunderstood. But, no, even those speaking the same language falter when it comes to the expression of love.

Is it a feeling, a thought or a notion – the ability to make safe, supply needs, to be honored, cherished, appreciated, valued?
Does the riches, glory, and endless resources helps us to know and do what should be done at the right time?

Everyone is speaking and talking loudly, but others are hearing nothing.

If by chance anyone perceives, its nothing more than empty promises. Love is the one expression understood by all. Love is the thread that goes through each understanding of reasoning with the heart. It can stop wars. It’s the foundation of life, freedom, peace and eternity.

Love appeared in the garden of Eden, on the Ark, at the Red Sea, in the stable, praying great drops of sweat like blood and then on the Cross. The Blood of Jesus is the love that gives knowledge to the broken-hearted, breaking down the walls and permitting understanding to identify the need. Providing the deficiency, The Blood bridge the gap to the Love that faileth not.

Every need is supplied, every breach made whole. No empty promises, broken word or pie-in-the-sky vows. The Veil of the Temple was ripped. Not only was the side of the Savior opened, but the way to true Love and reconciliation have opened the accessibility to God the AUTHOR of LOVE.