A couple of years ago (2012 to be exact) I wrote this short post with reference to my gardening experiences and the lessons I’ve learned from it. Gardening for me is another way of enjoying God’s beauty around me and learning more of His character and infinite wisdom. I must confess however, that gardening is not my area of expertise. I may have what you call, ” the black-thumb syndrome”. In case you’re wondering, I am gardening again this year. So far, we (my daughter and I) have managed to grow one tomato! We are excited. So on that note, I will share with you the hidden lessons I gained that year and pray that it may encourage and inspire each of us to dig deep!
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Parts of the stump after we cut it

I must share this valuable lesson I have learned during my gardening adventure. The picture above is a part of a tree that was growing on the side of my house. My husband decided to get rid of them (about 3 trees) because he wanted to avoid or discourage the squirrels from gaining access to our attic (if you must know that procedure did not work!) If you look closely you will notice that its springing new leaves! Even though we had cut the tree we did not dig out the root so technically, the tree was still alive!

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New leaves starting to bud!

I thought of us as Christians. God has saved us and cleaned us up. Without His help sin will truly take control of our lives and ultimately we will be destroyed. We no longer have that tree in our way, obstructing our view. But what about the root?

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Stump is still alive.

This is a two-fold lesson. Sanctification removes the root of sin. If the root is still there, the tendencies to do those sinful acts are still present. It is essential in our walk with Christ. But I took this lesson a step further…
What about those painful memories of your childhood? What happened to those little “issues” or “mishaps” or even heartaches in your adulthood? Have you dugged deep within yourself and managed to pull it out? It’s no easy task! Time does not take it away. Only God can truly help us to look at those ugly roots and help us get rid of them. He has the tools! He hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted – Luke 4:18. It can be a very painful process and many times we just step away from it. Forgiveness is not easy neither is forgetting. We must face these issues or else it will grow back to that obstructive tree and block our views again!
Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled. – Heb. 12:15

May God truly bless ya’ll!

What about you? Have you successfully removed those hidden roots? Tell us about it! We’d love to hear from you.