Looking back over 2016 it can be said this has been a year that promoted impossible peaks and devastating valleys.  Hardships rare and unbelievable peppering the way. Disappointments, heart rendering outcomes and turnabouts that have never been seen on this wise.

While pondering, I was fortunate to hear the recollections of a very animated friend. There was an event she was determined to attend.  The affair was many hours from her home, she had to rent a car. Equipped with the GPS, she started out.
“The traffic was bumper to bumper, the metropolis was a multi-highway conglomerate,  seeming never ending . Even the GPS was the voice of confusion.
As the time ticked down the designated city was finally reached, which rendered a plethora of ongoing challenges – the need to secure a hotel near the commencement site, parking, the trek to the foot bridge connection to the unceasing ramp nestled in a biting cold that penetrated every layer of clothing so carefully worn.
Throngs were going in every direction causing occasional halting of forward movement as the temperature continued to drop and the auditorium felt more like a stadium with its drafts and lack of climate control.
But as I sat shivering in my seat I realized I was finally about to witness that which  I’d set out to do. I’d reach my destination!”
She further commented, “The crowed highways, the inconvenience of the hotel, the lost time and misdirection were only happening along the way, but my goal was to reach the arena.”
How like this year mirrored her travels. Our destiny are not heartbreaks, or interruptions in finances, health issues, broken relationships. Our goal is Heaven.
The events along the way are just bumps, turns and delays. Let us never lose sight of the goal. Life will be life and the enemy is always on the attack but John 14 assures us Christ has prepared a place for us.
 II Timothy 3:12 reminds us, “Yea, and all that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” But our goal is Heaven!
So let the ball drop and ring in 2017. It’s merely another step closer to our HEAVENLY HOME.