There is some good about reaching the bottom.

Life being what it is and humans being what and who they are, there are times the choice made can take an adverse turn and the decisions land us in a very low dark and lonely place.

As spring digressed to fall and then gave way to winter, a very destructive event occurred in my life. If someone harms, attacks or assaults you there is there is someone to blame, to hate and to take to task. But when you are the culprit, and you single-handedly dismantled all the positive, wholesome and redeeming facture, who do you blame?

Now I’m cascading at neck-break speed to an intense and very dark place. Landing prostate on my back at the bottom there is nothing to do but to – look up. Not because I want to but because that’s all I can do – wallow in self-loathing.

Common sense reasons this is the end of this trip. But at the bottom, God is still God! There is an element of hope that escapes my grasp. Somehow rolling to my side, on hands and knees, dizzily bending to regain balance and through no effort of my own, I am standing.

Genuinely engaging in an uphill climb, it’s arduous and seemingly impossible but moving forward. As the seasons fade one to another, things seem normal but hollow.

Having been reduced to walking the five miles to work yet grateful that at the bottom fell out mercy seeping into the dismal existence of my everyday life.

The mundane trek to work took me through block after block of residential neighbors sidestepping snow removal, planting, and pruning. There was a tree that was ravished by pestilence, blight and the harsh weather conditions. Over two-thirds of the trunk now demolished, the caretaker was further cutting away at it.

Each day I passed the tree wondering why the homeowner would take such compassionate care with the shadow of the oak it once was, but daily it was watered, dunged and tarred with tender regard.

The long distance to work didn’t become any shorter but unexplainable easier. The treacherous winter reluctantly gave way to a timid Spring. Sunshine kindly started the much-needed thaw. Weeks passed, and my bent stature reached for the brightness of hope. Rain ensued. Rains of healing and promised growth.

Reaping is sure, but mine was surrounded with God’s mercy. April cried and stepped aside and along came the month of May. Passing the surviving tree which at this point was reduced by two thirds, there in the feeble knothole was a sprig of new life.

How is that possible? There was nothing left, and yet it was renewed and empowered with new life. That came from the Creator of the Universe. The same Creator that meets reckoning with tender unmerited mercy did the same for me. In the days, weeks and months following the fall God had renewed me, refined me and forgiven me. I was instantly overjoyed. That tree became my badge of remembrance.

Sometimes we may fall. That isn’t the way God planned it. When Human will intercept His will, problems will arise. God is still God, and in His wisdom, His justice is dealt righteously with every soul. When mercy is interjected, a redeemed life can continue as God ordained. It brings an end to bottom-dwelling upward surging to great heights with one hindrance. God has forgiven me – I should follow His leading and forgive me too.
GLORIOUS FREEDOM! From the bottom up!!!!!