While reading the narrative in Matthew 9, Mark 5 and Luke 8 it dawned on me how intricate and minute the plan of God was orchestrated. Too often hearing how the enemy will wait for the smallest mishap or years upon years to patiently grab the slightest hesitations to discredit, disgrace and destroy a soul.  But the Master of the Heaven and earth is to be herald, who else could stop the very sun if necessary?

The woman with the condition that plagued her life for twelve arduous years lending her to social, and religious outcasting and financial ruin.

How she survive so long in this predicament is phenomenal.  Bereft of creature comforts and the strength to go about ones day, the basic normal routine was almost impossible for her, adding to horror shame.

As this scenario forms, so much is interacting. Jesus is going by ship to His own city though doing marvelous mercies that all should glorify God and yet not considered a prophet in His own home. Continuing on His way He called His fishermen and as His compassion overflowed into love for the sick and suffering, a crowd gathered.

The affected maiden isn’t supported by the religious community because she is ceremoniously unclean. Was she reduced to begging as she crawled the streets and lanes seeking  a slight measure to sustain?

Pieces are visibly coming together. She heard about Jesus!

Keeping in mind her weakened state. How impossible it would have been to see Him then catch up with Him?

Hallelujah to God! Jairus, having a life and death situation ran to Jesus and  fell at His feet. Jesus HAD  TO STOP as the distressed father imploringly besought The Christ to come save his daughter’s ebbing life.

Not sure how much time elapsed but it was just enough time for this poor woman, wrecked with malnutrition and loss of life-sustaining fluids yet driven by her faith in the Master.  There was no other hope. All the physician had tried and she got only worse. But This Man had a countless witnesses of His God-given powers.

In my minds eye I can hear her reasoning, “Surely He’s the Son of God to be endowed with such compassion and power. I wouldn’t bother Him or attempt to talk to Him, if I could just touch the hem of His garment, that would suffices.” She inches, presses and prods. Just as the exchange between Jesus, and the messenger from Jairus’ household ended, in a last ditched effort, stretching the full extent of her emaciated body until the robe was at her finger tips. She knew it was His, because immediately she was healed!

As His healing virtue connected she was able to stand erect and walk away as God intended, a daughter of Abraham.

At first this account seemed a usual  stating of the healings of Christ, but when I was able to reason, God will do what is needed if we are willing to inch, press and extend ourselves , not in our strength but in faith on the confident of What God has already DONE.