Between the years of 2009-2011, I faced some horrific mental battles. I was sure to lose my mind!

While others criticized or blasted individuals for their gruesome crimes, I sympathized realizing the great, unrelenting pressure the powers of darkness can unveil to one’s mind. I shudder to think what would’ve become of me if the Lord was not on my side.

During these times of mental anguish, I would retreat to the outdoors and “walk it out”. To others I may have appeared crazy though I did my best to portray my sanity walking deep in thought – praying, fighting, battling, questioning when will this madness end!

A sister called me one day and in hopes of getting some relief, I shared my struggle. She related to me the concept of “letting go” and referenced it to bubbles leaving its wand and soaring freely into the air. Through this illustration she confirmed that God made this concept more clear.

What she said sounded great and left me yearning for that reality. But how do I let it go? How can I release these burdens, weights, problems that were bringing me down into despair? Everyday was a fight, a struggle to survive til the next day. I was growing weary.

One morning I woke up with the enemy of my soul purposed to overthrow my mind. Crying out to God from the depths of my soul I told Him that I couldn’t fight anymore for I was too weak and worn out. Then something miraculous happened – God stepped in! A rest came over me that is so unexplainable. II  Cor. 12:9 burst in my mind and became so clear, “My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”  Finally, I let “it” go.

I realize now that unless we get to that same conclusion that God is our Strength – that we are weak, poor, helpless and needy – unless we come to the realization that we need God (the sooner the better) – we are “beating the air.” Sadly, many have given up and may have lost their greatest blessing of experiencing that sweet rest in Jesus.

“It” comes in many forms – a trial, habit, clothes, jewelry, co-workers, relatives, conflict, television, unforgiveness or whatever God has been placing his finger on in your life. There will be no relief until you let it go. It’s only when we release “it” that our hands will be open to receive the greater blessing!

In Jesus I’ve found a sweet rest
From sorrow, from toil, and from care;
In Him I am happy and blest,
For He all my burdens doth bear– L.S. Riggs

Are you suffering from mental battles?  Salvation Echoes  offers a great article that we pray will be a help to you as it was to me. God bless!