“Lord…. the people, my wife, the co-workers, the saints, the pastor”…They all boil down to  L I F E !

There are obstacles that enter our day without our permission and rake havoc on peace, and the rest of the fruit of our spirit. Stretching them to their limit, if there be such a place.

Prayer is our weapon, our shield and our help.  But, how do we pray? “Lord get umm”… What do we pray for or pray about?

Praying about ” the…” is encouraged by the word of God. Taking everything to prayer and being honest while pouring out your heart to God places “the…” Just where they belong.

Our frustrations, friends, foe, good, bad and the ugly can be handled by God without being moved or hurt and He is able to send righteous judgment and hope. Psalms 62:8 – “Trust in Him…….pour out your heart…. Psalms 64:1 – ” Hear my voice O God.” John. 20:16 – Jesus saith unto her Mary. She turned herself….”

Job prayed for his friends and he was healed. Job 42:10 – and the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends:…..

God is Love. Loving each of us alike. All are important to Him. Taking our cares to Him rids us of build up, often showing the real culprit to be ones own self.
Holding on to bitterness doesn’t allow it to stay contained but its transferred to family, friends and anyone who will lend an ear. Spreading like a cancer destroying all along the way.  God hears what we don’t say. He knows what we really mean and knows exactly what is needed to right each situation, with the power to bring it to pass.

Forgiveness may be in order for we must be right to pray right – to get the mind of God to pray for who and when. “Lord, the …” can be made right with right prayer and obedience.

Written by: Contributor Writer

Posted by: Sis. Tennille