Can’t believe in God because…
“There are wars…”
“When I was a child…”
“That man promised…”
“I didn’t have…”
“This disease is destroying my mind and body.”
“Why didn’t I…”
“Something’s happened without my consent.”
“I was put upon…”
“Taken advantage.”
“Misused and mishandled.”

All the woes of the world are blamed on God.

Is not He the Creator of the Universe?

Is not Everything His handiwork?

There is nothing made not made by Him. So why all the ugliness, hatred, killing, neglect, dishonesty, and politics? Why is there famines, droughts, earthquakes, and fires?

God is yet God and man is still man refusing to live uprightly before God. There have always been choices. Most take the opposite will of God.

“But He could have, should have…”

In all your discontentment don’t forget that wasn’t His plan. In spite of what happened and is happening in your control or out, He has a purpose. Jeremiah 29:11”For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

For every situation, there is a God’s way out.

He knows what to do when and how. Bad things have happened and are happening, but He has an expected end that you control. The plan is in place for you to be and stay the apple of His eye. He has the power to change all your hardships. He is there to help and repair to make new. But you need to trust Him and His plan for your life.

You were almost destroyed, almost killed, almost undone but you weren’t. See God’s mercy, see His love see His concern. The God who is all and has made all loves you and will walk you through this turbulent world healing and restoring you. He will then escort you right through the gates of heaven to the home He prepared just for you, just because He was there and He’s here for you now!