During service one Sunday, a stately saint in our congregation from Jamaica, relocated to Covington, GA, (60 miles from Macon) stated that he does not get to church as often as he would like. Praising God for his keeping grace and providence, he explained how a saint committed to bring him but one of his children offered. Sunday came and the daughter did not bring him but the Lord made a way the following Sunday. For this he was grateful to God and the daughter who brought him.

This prompted a sister to testify of her father and the love she had for him because of his tender care of her. Note* to those who yet have a good father, love them while you can. When they are gone there will be a void.
Another saint boasted of their father being the best in the world, their world! But as good and forth-right, faithful, loving and sacrificial he was, he could not eradicate the stain of sin. Only God could perform that  miracle.

Last but not least, another sister stood and said, “It feels like Father’s Day – in March!” She continued, ” My father left my mother when I was four months old. There were other siblings. He drifted in and out of our lives with bad behavior, drunkenness, ill temper, disappointments and broken promises…but I loved him till he died. He never got any better and I never stopped loving him.”

That love caused me to think about the love of God. Much like my father, I was riddled with willful behavior, rejecting God. A “for-real” sinner by any standard. But…God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16) That “whosoever” meant me! The door of love was open to me that couldn’t be closed by ill-temper, disappointments and broken promises. The precious blood of Jesus covered the stain and cleansed me from sin. He loved me then and loves me now. My natural father taught me nothing positive, but now with the love of my Heavenly Father I have all I need to be happy and make Heaven…

Written by: A Contributor Writer

Posted by: Sis. Tennille M.