Well, if it gives you any consolation – I do! A recent incident took place in my life that has me questioning my motives. Did I ignorantly escalate the situation? What could’ve I done differently?

It is refreshing, however, that how we feel does not define who we are.

It’s true that we do make mistakes (I make no excuse or reference to sin. Sin is disobedience to God’s commands and going against the knowledge He has implanted within us. I am relating to our human nature and character flaws that may at times create unintentional conflicts within ourselves and surrounding individuals).

I find the quote pictured above to be so encouraging – a winner never quits even when he appears to be losing! Remember the story of the mule? His owner found no use for him and decided to bury the old, tried but true beast. Instead of giving into despair while in the pit, the steady mule stomped on the dirt his discontented owner had thrown on his back. In time, the faithful mule had packed enough dirt under his hooves and tromped his way out of the pit.

Like the mule, may we use our failures as stepping stones to reach higher heights in Christ. In turn, we will be a blessing to others and a great example of perseverance.