I read something very interesting the other day.  As destructive as fire can be to a forest or woodland, at times what is called a cooling fire can be beneficial.  It seems this fire burns the dead leaves eroding bark, limbs and debris, leaving ashes that primates the ground and prepares an ideal place for growth.

Is there any place we can look and read or hear that doesn’t include tragedy?

Do you scratch your head wondering?

We as a people are tried and tested on every hand.

How many times have you heard or read Romans 8:28,  “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.”
It’s all going to work out if…
During the season of trials we follow the prescription to the letter. Things don’t just happen because God has nothing better to do. There is a cold cruel lost world that God sent His Son to save and somehow they must see the light.  Many may see it yet choose sin but they have to be given the divine chance.

Trials have a twofold purpose, it levels the playing field. It’s not strange that unusual situations engulf us and threaten to overtake us.  It is working for us. Let’s try humbling ourselves under the mighty hand of God, walking in the spirit and letting patience have her perfect work.  And for goodness sake realize you need wisdom, so ask for it.  When we adhere to the Word of God then we will be perfect and entire wanting nothing and we’ll not fulfill the lust of the flesh. After suffering a while He has promised to establish, strengthen, and settle you..

The other part of trails is the example you present. What are you going through?  Don’t you know at least 10 others are experiencing the very same thing or they know someone who is?  But God chose you and then gave you all the tools to be more than a conqueror and have a light shinning on purpose so the world can see this “modern day Job.”

All too often people witness men and women in the churches  drawn away by their own lust.  But there is a people that are willing to stand firm in the face of these particular fiery trials – reaping the benefits of being doers of the Word, not just hearing.  Learning suffering to bring about total submission that displays the love and mercy of God for a total Praise.

Then those souls turn from a life of sin, escape that fiery pit because they watched you being ground to powder and with one stroke of the Masters Hand you’re gone clean through – the world has a witness, you have a testimony and God gets they GLORY!!!!
Yes! it works…….. from here to eternity.
Humbly submitted,
A soldier of the Cross