Have you ever experienced a military exhibition? As the men gather in front of the commanding officer they are in perfect lines.  Then the CO yells,  “MARK TIME”. Every eye was on the officer.  We were outside and there wasn’t a sound. Imagine time being suspended… void of even the slightest movement or noise.

Panning the gathered soldiers, at first wondering what they were waiting for, it appeared to be more the mere waiting.  Breaking into my wonderings, he shouted, “MARK TIME MARCH !!!!”

To my amazement, the regiment marched in place waiting.  An active, progressive, readiness waiting. Their activity was preparing for the next order, an active pause, not moving without progress. So it reflects in salvation.  Waiting often is a large part of this holy life. Looking in hope and expectancy.  God is, God can, God will. The when is in His perfect will.

One person in the Bible that waited on God was Zacharias.  His claim to fame was not that he was in the priesthood, but that he and his wife walked in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord and was BLAMELESS. Looking for the awaited Messiah caused couples to pray and wait on the Lord.

Hundreds studied and served waiting for their lot of appointment, a “once in a lifetime”  occurrence. Finally, it’s Zacharias’ lot. He and his wife with  the rest of the priest in his group moved in to Jerusalem  to perform and service in the Temple.

As he reverently entered the Temple to burn incense, the people prayed without ceasing while he executed  his priestly office. Standing at the alter of incense an angel appeared. Of course he feared but this wasn’t a visitation of judgment but an answer to prayer. For so long he prepared for the priesthood and believe he’d one day be chosen. The answer was to be for a child. His faith seemed disabled to take in the pronounced  miracle. His “how” was in disbelief, it was rewarded with dumbness. Thinking his being old and his wife well stricken in years could somehow be outside the capacity of the Almighty God.  However, another questioned “how”.   Mary, her “why” was for understanding of the miracle proclaimed. Her “why” was rewarded with explanation giving her peace in the task she most undergo. Luke 1: 5-38

To our dismay, often we have no choice in what happens in life, but we can decide how to wait. Wait in idle fear and hopelessness or we can wait on the voice of our commander standing firm. Shod in gospel preparation, standing firm, sword and helmet of salvation, meekly hold the true position, standing firm – expecting to hear what thus saith the Lord in willingness to do whatsoever  is required in the army of the Lord.

Attend…Hut (attention) “MARK TIME MARCH”!!!!!

Humbly submitted,
Soldier of the cross.