If there is something left undone do you find yourself doing it?

Are you an extra mile person?

Is every brainstorming session potential tasks?

Do prayer requests during services quickly equate into avenues of helpdom?

Where are you when a cleanup day is called for the church?

When an Aryan call goes out, are you at the head of the “Search & Rescue” team?

Is Philippians 4:13 your favorite memory verse? “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

With all you do and are, weariness sets in and your vigor have taken a back seat “ere the day is half done.” In spite of it all, you press on knowing no limits, obstructions or difficulties.

Just “gung-ho” for the Lord, for the Church, for the Saints, your fellow man, woman and the lost and dying!

Just before Jesus was crucified He prayed to God.  It was a very gallant prayer.  He prayed for His disciples and for us. Then He prayed for Himself.  Continuing, He voiced to God He’d finished the work He’d given Him to do.  By performing God’s will Jesus glorified His Father.

Christ did all God requested, but did He do everything?

Our Lord didn’t save every person He saw.  He did not heal every sick, lame, demon possessed or blind individual crossing His path.  Several times it’s recorded where the Master could do no miracles because of unbelief.  Times were when His message was too strong for some and they walked with Him no more.During Jesus’ ministry, His blueprint was to do nothing of Himself. His work only involved the will of God.  He never tore off on His own trailblazing, unled by God.

We the happy people washed and redeemed in the wonderful cleansing blood of Christ, emboldened with the power of God listen to some voice saying, “We should do it and we CAN do it all!”

Because we can do most things, we think we should.  We can do all things through Christ, but it doesn’t mean He is calling us to do everything.

If we follow the example of Jesus, only the work that God gives us to do will be done, and that in His strength.

“I have glorified Thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest Me to do”. John 17: 4

God is balanced, well rounded and equal. Being only 24 hours in a day He knows His work is a must, rest and nourishment are needful but communing with the Father is necessary and sustains life.  Let’s work but be led