Do Your Part

Do Your Part

I am the first to admit these are perilous times, but we aren’t a powerless bunch of weaklings. We have the attention of our Heavenly Father! Isn’t there a directive that tells us to “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you?”

So, what is the problem?

What is the need?

Has the situation gotten out of control, or the enemy pressing you out of measure?

Ends that are not meeting and the deadlines overdue, way, way, way overdue?

Is there anything too hard for God? Any mishap He’s not master of?

No! So when we need His help, get busy! We aren’t waiting for Him to look down and say, “My poor child let Me …” Absolutely NOT!

Do we really want what only God can give? Then we must be willing to go the extra mile. There is no place for pride or unbelief.

The blind man heard Jesus was passing by. He tried to make himself heard even as the multitude rebuked him, but he cried even louder, “THOU SON OF DAVID HAVE MERCY ON ME!”

The woman with the issue of blood dragged herself on the ground being stepped on and pushed aside, just to touch the hem of His garment. Even the Rich young ruler knew where his help would come from. Unlike him, let’s be willing to pay the price (no pun intended).

There is a God’s way out, over, through, and around what we are presently enduring. It is our responsibility to get it from the Giver of all Power. The Power to bring to pass whatever is needed. Let us not forget the thief on the cross while dying rebuked the other malefactor, admitted his guilt, then heralding Christ’s innocence, pleading, “Lord, remember me.”

He cares and has made provisions for us to be victorious. But it will take elbow grease, a little sweat and maybe many tears. You will find at the end of your tunnel a light and His Spirit guiding each step of the way. To teach you and lead you in the way to God’s desired end.

As a loving Father, He is ever looking out for us, tempering the hardships that come our way. He knows what we can handle and doesn’t want to destroy us but to strengthen and perfect us. Perfection, according to His plan. Wax bold, dear one, and call on the Lord. He has the answers, the help, and it’s His plan for success. But you must do your part!

Ref: Matthew 7:7