Every family, church, and workplace has at least one relative, fellow worshipper, or co-worker who can’t seem to get their act together. The rest of us wonder how they miss the obvious every single time! It’s as though these people have to fall into every pothole in the street because it never occurred to them to go down a different road.

Has someone come to mind yet?

Common sense is good, but to navigate through life successfully, one needs the Wisdom of God! Not necessarily all the wisdom Solomon had, but all the wisdom you will need. We gather it from God when we ask for it.

Such insight causes me to think that most people are deceived into thinking they are wise already, therefore, leaning to their own understanding, which leads to those potholes each time. The Lord gives knowledge, understanding, and sound wisdom to the righteous. So those who are righteous, and ask, will get all they need right from God.

God’s word says wisdom is a gift from Him and written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Those unfortunate people, thinking more highly of themselves refusing to ask for wisdom, perhaps will never see the light of reality. Holding fast to the wisdom and the precepts contained in the Bible will cause us to walk in the integrity of God; instead of gravitating toward those dreaded potholes. God will plant your feet on the straight and narrow road of wisdom.