What resources can you offer for emotional or mental problems? The Bible is our first choice for all mental, physical, or sociological issues. However, for those who require adjunct support, the following could help:

My wife seems sad most times. Is she depressed? How can we tell?

Focus on the Family, Depression. (855)791 4357. 

My child seems to have signs of suicide. Is there support for this problem? 

Suicide Prevention 1 800 273 8255.

My son/daughter has a drug issue. Is there help? 

Teen Challenge: (513) 248 0452

Detroit Rescue Mission. (313) 993 4700 

Alcoholics For Christ (248) 399 9955. 

My son/ daughter has behavioral problems. Is there help? 

Youth Challenge. (478) 445-0100. 

My spouse has problems with overeating. Is there help? 

Overeaters Anonymous: (505) 891 8840. 

Does my wife have a gambling problem, any help? 

Gamblers Anonymous: (626) 960 3501. 

My daughter is homosexual, and she says she wants help. Is there help?

American Family Association: In His image movie: 1 800 589 8840. 

My husband seems to be addicted to sex. Are there services available for us?