Knowing hell was prepared for the devil and his angels, why would anyone choose to go? It sounds like insanity to me, wouldn’t you agree?

God created a perfect world for a man designed in God’s very image. Man in the image of God did well for a while and then chose to disobey. Things in the world went downhill from there. Four generations from father Enoch, who, on the other hand, set himself to walk with God as the human race spiraled in sin. Then came Noah.

Noah walked with God, being perfect in his division, preached by the mercy of God over a hundred years, presenting life and the peace of God. None would consider another way until the rain came.

Again, the Tower of Babel was constructed by Nimrod, the mighty hunter before the Lord, at one time. He and like-minded attempting to reach God another way, not praying and drawing closer to their Maker but by building a tower to heaven. The Lord confounded them and scattered them abroad upon the face of the earth.

Then there’s the saga leading up to the utter destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham believed God, and God counted it unto him for righteousness. He pleaded for the cities. Trying to no avail find any righteous living there.

Impending judgment was on its way.

In pity, the angels had to forcibly remove Lot (Abrahams’s nephew), his wife, and daughters out of the city. The city, though nestled in sin that is an abomination to God, was yet dear to Lot’s wife. Even after the command, “Look not behind thee,” she chose to do just that! We know the end she elected.

Then Jacob and Esau, now on the scene. Jacob wrestled with an angel, and his name was changed, in mercy. The choice of obedience is often encumbered with difficulties that can only be waded through with God’s help.

Mercy led the children of Israel into Egypt to preserve them. Choices propelled them into hundreds of years of bondage and misery. With Moses now on the scene, the Israelites rebelled and suggested returning to Egypt. They were plagued with fear to take the Promised Land when God had already flattened Jericho.

Doubting God and leaning to their understanding caused wrong choices! From Bethlehem and the Christ child, The spotless Lamb came to take away the sin of the world, to wash away the sin, shame, unrighteousness, and bad choices. In those eras aforementioned, the world lay in wickedness.

These days have waxed worse and worse, even from those times. Everyone sees it, and God has promised to appear to every man to teach them to deny ungodliness and worldly lust, living soberly and righteously, not in some future time but in this present world.
The choice is yours!