I was sitting around after relocating and feeling ever so separated from the special celebrations and events occurring hundreds of miles away in almost every one of the 51 states. To my rescue, I quickly FaceTimed my little one to at least talk and watch their antics preparing for the celebration.

Later, I mused how much has changed since I was that age, and my parents readied like gaieties for me. Our telephones, at that time, was on a desk on the wall in the kitchen. It was a party line. I remembered how that first ring stopped my world in the hope the ring code was for our household. When it wasn’t, I had to fight the urge to pick up the handset and listen to the neighbors’ goings. But that was against the law in My Father’s domain.

My mind roamed from those carefree days to the constant movement and ever-changing of today’s world. A well-meaning niece sweetly gave me the latest iPhone. Bless her heart (that’s a southern phrase). Now I can control the house security system, speak with a group all at once, pay bills, make flight arrangements, and keep my boarding pass and itinerary at hand. I created an emoji of myself; why I’d want to do that is way beyond me. I can take pictures, make recordings, and send videos.

With the touch of a button, I can get a load of information with Google’s help. Weather, dates, countless mindless games, and the world as a whole are at my fingertips. The App Store flooded with fast service – 5 minutes with God, yoga for the hurried, 15 minutes meals, banking in a snap, and worship for those on the go. You get the picture.

When did we become so hurried?

Genesis records the care and patience God took making the world and all there is. Around the 6th day, God made man in His image, giving him dominion over everything living on the earth. Adam had the daunting task of naming and caring for all God created all without Google.

The relationship with God was intimate and loving. He met him in the cool of the evening. “He walks with me, and He talks with me and tells me I am His own,” words of an old hymn. Oh, to be in the presence of God!

Even after the fall, the minds of men kept right on thinking and inventing. James 1:47, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the Father of lights with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” All these smart men have to invent and imagine all their new contraptions seeming to be for a more significant cause, and freeing up time to do exactly what? To fill our days with more?

It lengthened the ever-increasing “To-do list,” adding another page to the “Bucket list.” Surely it was to have more time with the Lord. In this 21st century, with all its bells and whistles, and all we know, we need direction, insight, and discernment from God. In love, He supplies us with good things morning by morning. He is providing the needs of His people and more. He is Who we should have our time and attention.

Do you know the most powerful features of the Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo LG, Samsung, iPhone, Motorola, Lenovo, and Nokia? The ability to slide the power button OFF! To give us time to stay in touch with The real power. Who has no off and on button!