You can count on it.

If you live godly, you will suffer persecutions and temptations.

I heard a wise Pastor explain there are several types:

  1. Temptations you’re led into
  2. Temptations you enter into
  3. Temptations you take to the enemy’s territory to abet and unseat you.

In Matthew 4, the Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted. In Genesis 22, the Lord told Abraham to take his son, the son whom he loved, and sacrifice him. In Christ’s account, we see an example of how to fight the enemy and win. With Abraham, we witness how he proved himself to God, and invoked faith in God.

Entering in temptations is what we pray about, as laid out for us in Matthew 6:13. But, the one that is most dangerous and has the least chance is the third listing. Temptations taken to the enemy’s territory. Lest we not forget our beloved Samson, a judge over Israel, took his strong self down to Gaza and saw a harlot and went into her. Judges 16. Why would a judge run headlong into the seemlier side of life?

Then there’s David. Being well thinking, intelligent adults, it hardly seems perceivable that anyone, let alone a king after God’s own heart, would be so brazen to attempt such a fete. Are you thinking, now why wasn’t David waging war? It says in 2 Samuel 11: 1,“At the time when kings go forth to battle…But David tarried still at Jerusalem.” You know the account.

Shall we even broach the retelling of Dinah’s solo stroll? Gen. 34:1-5.
Please don’t be deceived. You may be as wise as Solomon, as innocent as Adam, strong as Samson, but you Dear one are no match for the enemy. Not even on a good day, with all of your cohorts and wise men, history books and the Bible stacked around you like a fortress.

Wherever you are, whatever you have and whoever you are, it’s because of God. GOD did it, He made, He gave, He provided. Do we forget, or do we get tired? Is it laziness or boredom? Or, is it because you’ve lost your first love?

Let no man say when he is tempted, it’s of God. It is one’s own lust that draws them away, and the end of that is death. James 1:13.
David came to himself and cried out to his only help and hope. This is recorded in Psalms 51, “Have mercy on me O Lord…Wash me from my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin…Against Thee, Thee only have I sinned.”

You are the only WHAT that can separate us from the Love of God. He is faithful to forgive you when you come with a broken spirit and a contrite heart. Humble yourself, God resists the proud. Yes, test, trials, and temptations will come. But God Himself has made a way of escape that you may be able to bear it. You can count on it!