Has it been one of those days?

Are you feeling poorly and the children being themselves – bordering on being uncontrollable?
Have you listened to the tug of war in Washington and the afflictions? Are you facing challenges on the job and overworked, unappreciated, or no job and broke?
Tired of wars, rumors of war, poverty, and hardships?
In the world we live in, what can we expect?

Preparing for work one morning, everything in my body seemed to hurt. Ok, everything may be too broad of a statement. Maybe, I didn’t want to go to work, that was probably more the issue. My reluctance lowered my ability to move positively.

Before long, I was about ready to sing that old song, “Oh the old grey mare she ain’t what she used to be.” As I sat nigh unto sulking, a moment of my past flashed vividly in my mind. I saw what this Ole gray mare was and did, and the way The King of Kings came down to this wicked world to save the lost and dying and “mares.”

In His love and mercy, He transformed me and renewed my mind. I’ve heard of His miracles. I’ve seen Him answer prayers. The comfort and the peace that passes all understanding is fantastic. There is victory after victories won at His hand giving just what’s needed when it’s needed. He’s the rainbow after the monsoon — the balm for the broken soul and the words to console a heart bereft of tenderness and hope.

All these things are lavished on me so I can share with others who are coming through the same tumultuous existence. Not only has Jesus been my strong tower, but He’s also equipped me to be someone else’s bridge over troubled water!

No, I’m not what I use to be – gray or otherwise! I’m Heaven Bound, and there’s yet hope for those I love. Not only is this a day but a life. So, when anyone asks you, just who I am, I tell them, I am redeemed!