Definition per Merriam-Webster:

  • The whole amount, quantity, or extent of
  • as much as possible
  • every member or individual component of
  • the whole number or sum of

On the seven continents, the five listed races, 4200 religions, blind, seeing, lame or walking, deaf or hearing, addicted or sober, homosexual or heterosexual, everyone​, everywhere​ has been affected.

We first heard COVID -19 is in another country. We carried on just shaking of the head and business as usual. Next, upstate New York, and then it spread like lava. The molten fingers knew no boundaries and no cure. Closer and closer until…bam!

Like the frozen talons of a winter wonderland morning, it was in our backyard and kissed​ all,​ one by one. If not touched by the virus, it was the fallout of our families, jobs, cities, states, countries, and our world.

There is so much information to be had. Everyone hears what “the media,” said. Fact founded true or not. Fear unfurled its wings, widely seeping into hearts, minds, and reason.

Yes, we know it’s an election year, and that took precedent, it seemed at first. But as the breach defied comprehensive efforts to derail the intruder, gloves came off, and “they” saw they couldn’t do it alone.

Prime Ministers, Presidents, Kings, Chancellors, Heads of state, and government were utterly brought to their knees. The whole world in an uproar​, a cry that laid tremors in our entire planet.

Where do we go from here?

What is the common denominator?

Surely we, our families, cities, states, country, and the world are walking in God’s light. We’ve praised Him for His goodness. We thanked Him for the many times He’s stood between us and destruction. We were continually looking to Him as the Author and Finisher of Our faith – producing the faith needed when Jesus returns or faith to trust Him in times of chaos.

And if not?

The words of a famous hymn: 

“This is my Father’s world.

O let me ne’er forget

That though the wrong seems oft so strong,

God is the ruler yet.” 

Are we indeed His children, His people?

Don’t wait for me to answer “why”. But let’s consider what isn’t being done. Let’s try humbling ourselves, praying, not for the end of the virus, but to seek God’s face. Let’s forsake our wicked ways. Who can tell? If He finds us repented and faithful, there is a place of safety. The secret place of the Most High, abiding under the shadow of the Almighty. 

“This is my Father’s world. 

Why should my heart be sad? 

The Lord is King; let the heaven ring! 

God reigns; let the earth be glad.”

Not glad in the hardship, or pain and suffering. Not in the deaths that sadden our hearts and rend our souls. God is not like the unjust judge; He will indeed avenge His elect. He is an All God for All His people.